Our primary concern in our Medical Clinic, is to provide high quality dental services in a clean, welcoming and comfortable environment (link with photos).

We are focusing on patients, the effective treatment of their problems and their safety. The use of a high technology infrastructure, our persistence in the detail and our experience, guarantee the provision of high level services.

The completeness of the scientific equipment and continuous research have established the Model Therapeutical Center-Endodontic Clinic of Dr.Laghios as a Worldwide pioneer in the developments in Dentistry.

In September 2009 we moved to our new Medical Clinic, that includes state-of-the-art Medical Offices, a Digital Panoramic Machine (ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPHOP200D), Microscopes (Carl Zeiss), Digital Radiographic Machines (KODAK RVG 6100), a Laser (Diodent Micro 980), three Ultrasound EMS Scanners, SPARTAN & SATELEC, SYSTEMB, Obtura, Special Tools and Instruments for the treatment even of very rare dental cases, as well as comfortable waiting areas that are distinguished for their aesthetics and functionality.

The architectural concept and design of the Clinic had as main goal that the visitor is guided in such a way that the reception area operates more as an interactive space and less as a waiting area of a Dental Office, with access to the Internet and to a network of International TV channels, with computers that can be found in the waiting area and can be used by all of the patients.


dental services


Our Clinic is fully equipped:

  • Digital Panoramic Machine (Certificate of Conformity no. Α.α/408/1365/20.05.10 -Dr.Laghios attended a six month Training Program in the Oral Diagnostics and Radiology Clinic of the School of Dentistry of the University of Athens with subjects a) Radiological Protection b) Radiographic Technique and c) Radiodiagnostics), (ORTHOPANTOMOGRATHOP 200D)
  • 3 Microscopes (CarlZeiss)
  • 6 Digital Radiographic Machines (Kodak RVG 6100), a Laser (Diodent Micro 980),
  • Ultrasound EMS,Satellec, Spartan
  • 5 Spartan, MTS-1 & Satelec PS NEWTRON
  • 5 SystemB, Μοdel 1005, Sybron Endo
  • 5 ObturaΙΙΙ Μax machines
  • 2 Devices Medifuge (PRF) for centrifuging patient's blood and isolation of growth factors and stem cells for use in bone regeneration
Special Tools and Instruments for the treatment even of very rare dental cases, so that even the most difficult teeth can be saved from Extraction.



In our Clinic, particular attention is paid both to cleanliness and hygiene, and to the proper sterilization of the instruments, the machines and of our entire Clinic, in order to eliminate even the least danger of infectious diseases.

The Human staff of our Clinic are always willing to provide services and to consult our patients. Our Secretaries have a University Degree in Administration and Organization as well as a Proficiency Diploma of English as a foreign language, so that they can easily and comfortably communicate with our foreign patients.

Our dental assistants have a Nursing Degree and are specialized in the Sterilization of the instruments and machines of the Clinic, as well as the demanding handling of instruments to the doctor during the treatment of our patients, so that we can achieve the desired result as a team. Our dentists have a University of Athens Degree and have a lot of experience, knowledge and love and care for our patients.

The sterilization room (Lab) is equipped with:
- Professional dental instruments washer MIELE PROFESSIONAL G7881
- 2 sterilization autoclaves (for safety reasons): DOMINA PLUS B and TUTTNAUER 2540EK
- Surgical clothes washer MIELE SOFTRONIC W3623 
- Surgical clothes dryer MIELE NAVITRONIC T8685C
- Cleaning and lubrication machine for instrument handles ASSISTINA 301 PLUS
- Thermosealing machine EURONDA ''THE EUROSEAL"
- Ultrasound systems