Thank you for your great presentation to my PG1 residents yesterday. The presentation was both engaging and informative, and I received very positive feedback from the residents. Lots of excellent case materials and some useful clinical strategies. I’m also glad we had a chance to meet and am sure our paths will cross again. Hope your trip back to Greece goes smoothly.


Bradford R. Johnson, DDS, MHPE 
Professor and Head, Department of Endodontics,Director of Postgraduate Endodontics ,University of Illinois at Chicago 

It was great having you here. The cases were amazing. My recommendation is that you provide science/literature to support what you do. I think once you do this, it will open up a big window for you . Your clinical cases are amazing and with literature support behind them-this will be fantastic.




Gerald Glickman

Program Director

Department of Advanced Endodontics

Texas A & M Dental School

Dr. Constantinos Laghios has given me and my son a reason to smile. He is by far the best dentist.
Nadia Petraki


DearDoc, I visited you in order to have four (4) endodontic treatments as my dentist could not undertake them 2 years ago. I told you back then that I was going to move to America where I live during the last 1 1/2 years, in Miami. Today I visited a dental clinic for cleaning, X-rays, general oral check-up and the dentists and radiologists were amazed by the quality of your work. I just felt that one should mention the professionalism and praise the people whose work is distinguished in and out of Greece!!! Thank you again and I wish you’re always well. 
Yours sincerely,
Tasos Zerittis.


I had a great pleasure to listen to this great Lecturer Dr. Constantinos Laghios in Belgrade this weekend! He brought the audience in totally new dimension in dentistry and endodontics!Really inspirational and one of the best lectures I have listened to, and I listened a lot of the best doctors and professors in the world. Dr. Laghios on the top! He also helped a lot to me with his advices in some difficult cases in practise. Can't wait for the next congress!
Sandra Pjevac


Dear Doc (sorry for my intimacy, it is spontaneous) Thank you very much for your fatherly way and the confidence you inspire. I couldn’t keep my eyes open with any other dentist but you, which is a sign that I left myself in your miraculous hands. For one more time, God bless you.
Iliopoulos Anastasios


Dearest Dr. Laghios, Ι would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for one the gentlest handling and approaches I have ever experienced from a doctor during my root canal procedure yesterday. You made me feel safe and as comfortable as possible given the circumstances and my fragile psychology. I have the outmost respect for successful and talented individuals, who also stay as humble and humane as you are towards you patients. The girls were very very sweet and comforting and I have to say, it all adds up to a rarely seen overall experience. Finally, I appreciate the follow up call from the clinic this morning. Thank you very much. With kind regards and respect,
With kind regards and respect,
Smaragda Panagiotarou


The reception area relaxed me with its simplicity and, at the same time, nobility. It exudes the true feeling of humanity that can be rarely met in our times. The smile on the faces of your excellent staff supported my feeling. Dr. Laghios is the kind of excellent scientist that Greece needs. Congratulations for the high level of services
Christos Tsakiris.


This is the kind of Greece I dream of...Progress and modernization with a soul.
Thank you.
Anna Liatsou.



DearDr. Laghios, A brilliant book for a brilliant mind. I thank god, your parents & you for the person you are. People show their true characters in times of trouble. Thank you for being there in my time of need. By the way, my husband loved your medical license to torture me. He said that’s the first time I heard a doctor speak so logically! May you be well and blessed!
With love & respect


They say that you cannot have it all in your life, that’s why doctor that I am thankful only because you are there...
With infinite respect and appreciation.
Panaghiotis and Louisa Maraveyas.

Dear Costa, I keep the moments of emotion in your clinic as a precious gift.
I embrace you.
B.D. Anagnostopoulos.


Thanks for the consistency, accuracy, effectiveness. Thank you for your concern and love.
Anthi Kipioti.


Doctor you are a Giant and an Artist and the girls of your staff are excellent.
Vaggelis Kalogiannis.


Doctor, thank you very much for your work! Thanks very much to the girls! Thanks very much for your value, I am always pleased when I think of you.
Costas Zouzoulas.


For one more time you healed me without discomforting me. I congratulate both you and your team, because you are not only a good doctor but also a good manager.
All my love,
Costas Kaisaris.


Thank you very much for all! May you be well, both you and your excellent associates.
Christos Prekates.


Many many thanks to all the team of my dearest dentist who loved me, helped me and has been so patient with me!
Olga Kouvoutsaki.


May you always be healthy and take care of us all. Many wishes!
With love,
Costas & Christiana Kaisari.


Dear friend, I always believed that the greatest advantage of a doctor is his scientific expertise. However, my visit to your clinic made me feel that the care and love a patient can feel are also important. The concern that you have shown for me in combination with an amazingly arranged area made me feel good and warm, it felt “like home”. Thank you for all
With love,
Marina Salale.


My warmest thanks to Dr. Laghios and to all of its team that, apart from the quality of their work and their great effectiveness, make the patient’s visit so pleasant, that the patient does not wish the visits to end.
Antonis Plakidas.


Dear Dr. Laghios, I would like to thank you for your care, attention and interest. As I have seen you love your profession and I’m sending you a list of the last show of my mother that took place last year on March in Strasbourg.
Kind regards,
Anna Amiridou.


Thanks very much for all and principally for your humane approach.
Persa Scarlatou.


You’re very good! I feel very comfortable!
Panaghiotis Stamboulis.


Doctor Laghios, I was very glad that you were my doctor. Your new Clinic is very nice. Thank you-May you also have a nice summer too!
Elissavet Lyra.


“May Constantine the Great Dental Root Canal Surgeon, live many years”


Dear Doctor and Ms. Yiota, From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much for those days of happiness that you have generously offered me! You are two persons with a great heart and spirit, it was quite an honour for me to meet you!!! I wish to God that you’re always well & always happy!
With my kindest regards & Love,


I thank you all and most of all my dear Constantinos who has “saved” me so many times. With all my gratitude!
Gina Tzevelekou.


Doctor, Thanks for the care and confidence you have shown me.
Voula Prassa.


Doctor Laghios, Have a nice day! Thank you very much for your concern and it has also been a great pleasure for me meeting you.


Many wishes to you doctor, and to all your adorable and beautiful staff. Happy Holidays
Sincerely yours,
Panagopoulou Katerina.


Dear Doctor and very sweet girls, may you always be well!! Happy Easter,
Christos Evangelinelis & Marios Voutsinas.


With all my love, I am addressed to your love and thank you very much. Merry Christmas, I wish you health, personal and family prosperity!
Magda Bardi.


Dear Doctor Laghios, I wish from the bottom of my heat to you and your beautiful girls of your clinic that 2010 is for you a happy year, full of health, joy, professional progress and, above all, lots of laughter and love. Thank you very much for all your help while I was at your clinic and I’m sorry if I have been a difficult patient.
Constantinos Louverdis.


Dear Doctor, Along with my warmest wishes for Christmas and the New Year, I would like to thank you and your very sweet associates, for the sympathy and concern they surrounded me with, throughout all my treatment. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
With love,
Maria Drakou.